Blogging is just like a big industry.

You should have excellent skills to make the most of the journey.

If you don’t have skills then you should learn first and prove your importance in the blogging world.

There are many legends like Neil Patel, past Flynn, Harsh Agarwal and many more.

They have some incredible skills which are very important for the blogging world.

So today I will talk about why newbies struggle most in the blogging world and many of the newbies leave the blogging world in the first step.

This is very necessary for you to know why blogging is a serious profession to choose.

Today people search on google for everything and updating their self from all over the world.

People are searching with their desired keyword and Google is making this process much easier for them for finding there problem’s solutions.

So why newbies become faile after such a great type of service and excellent performance of Google.

This is my today’s question?

And I will give some brief answer to the mentioned question.

Blogging is not a piece of cake

First newbies should know about blogging.

Newbies should know about difficulties they will face in the blogging world.

Why thinking about before something hasn’t done yet.

This is a wrong perception about blogging that people think about.

This is not good for many newbies thinking about money in the starting of the blogging career.

Because blogging is not a piece of cake and you will face many hard times and any time you think about leaving blogging for all.

This is the big thing we should think about that.

If we stand on this time on our aim and mission towards a successful career and life then.

So what we are waiting for.

We have to fight till the end and we need the right directions toward our mission and aim.

Why we become hopeless in blogging

This is the central question, everybody, asking me and I have to give a right answer to this in my blog

See if you want a blogging career then you should apply all things for a long-term and you don’t need a short-term plan to become a successful blogger.

Blogging is a good business but it doesn’t mean that the blogging will make you money overnight.

You need to stay calm and relaxed to see some good results and the main thing is you need patience and the plan to survive in the blogging industry.

You need a survival plan in this high competition industry and you need some moral support from our seniors.

I help many newbies because they will grow successful blogger in the future.

You need to stay calm for some time.

Some bloggers make panic and they leave blogging and start other professions in the online world.

But this is not the rule of the game.

You have to work on one thing at a time and after success, you can start other projects and also you can hire staff for your projects.

Don’t be demotivate and make right moves to become a successful blogger in the online world.

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