Lauren Mahon on loss, lust and first dates after cancer

Lauren Mahon on loss, lust and first dates after cancer 

Having cancer changes everything; and once one amongst your nearest friends dies from cancer, the planet changes once more, says Lauren Mahon. For Mahon, UN agency co-presented the podcast You, ME and also the huge C with Rachael Bland, her own cancer identification had impressed the need to seek out love. Now, her colleague’s death has given the hunt a replacement urgency.

Mahon sounds centered and heat once we meet, a labor simply days when Bland’s death, and despite what she describes because the “tornado” of TV and radio interviews since last week. however that’s completely within the spirit of the conversation-changing programme the ladies created along side the podcast’s third presenter, Deborah James.

Mahon solely met Bland and James for the primary time in March, once they recorded the gap episode of the podcast: within the six months since the 3 ladies – all current or former cancer sufferers – have wanted to alter society’s approach to the malady, and the way we expect concerning it, observe it and act around it. they need tackled subjects like cash, children, work and doctors through the prism of their own experiences, in a wholly honest and generally raucous method.

One of the foremost recent episodes was on intimacy and dating; which is appropriate, as long as Mahon is presently showing on 1st Dates edifice on Channel four. Having cancer, she says, has all modified her perspective on qualitative analysis. “Before I got unwell i used to be a really ‘legs open, heart closed’ quite lady. I’m not language i used to be promiscuous, however i’d take somebody home, have one or two of nights with them so ne’er speak to them once more.

“I was having plenty of fun however not material possession anyone into my heart. however after I got cancer, I same to the doctor, ‘I don’t wish to die – i would like to urge married, i would like to own children’ … I complete I wished to require my sexual activity a lot of seriously.”

onight, viewers can conclude whether or not the burgeoning relationship between Mahon, 33, and also the Cole Lockhart-from-the-Affair lookalike patron saint goes to hot up, or not. The surprise for viewers last week – and Mahon herself – was that the blind date, chosen by the programme’s production team, was somebody she truly knew.

That was “a huge shock,” she says. “I’ve well-known him for concerning six years. we tend to were ne’er bezzies however he’s a part of one amongst my teams of friends. The funny factor is that many weeks past i used to be telling a number of these friends what I’d asked for from the primary Dates team, and that they same, ‘Why don’t you simply quit with Pat?’ so there he was, walking in … and that i was like, however i do know him; nothing goes to happen here. however another a part of ME was thinking, let’s simply wait and see …”

Tonight’s episode, she says, is “really moving … i believe it’ll bit plenty of individuals. I’ve had plenty of feedback [from those who recognize what happens]. i believe the general public {are|ar|area unit|square MEasure} reaching to have me in their hearts.”

She had already applied to get on 1st Dates before being diagnosed with carcinoma, and also the 1st time they referred to as she was in treatment; “I same, ‘I’m bang within the middle of chemo, mate.’” therapy and qualitative analysis don’t sit well along for many people; however having sex will allow you to recognize you’re alive, and “when I came out of it I threw myself into my sex life … I saw quite an few individuals and it absolutely was how to desire a girl once more instead of a vessel”. within the months that followed she began to suppose a lot of deeply concerning “laying myself blank and swing my heart on the table”.

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